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Psychotherapy Conscious Living (Vědomé Žití)

My name is Zdeněk Nový, and as a psychotherapist, I help people find peace and purpose in their lives. I am looking forward to our journey together!

Psychotherapy is a safe space for gradual and profound change towards a better life.

In my practice, I also offer body-psychotherapy and psychosomatic techniques to achieve harmony between the body and mind.

I assist individuals in finding heir inner peace, their true selves, and their own resources to overcome the challenging situations that life naturally brings.

I offer a welcoming environment where your voice will be acknowledged and you’ll receive the support you need. Together, we will delve into your challenges, and I’ll equip you with the strategies to enhance your wellbeing. Our journey will proceed at a pace that feels secure for you, with every decision being entirely in your hands.

Ing. B.Sc.(Hons.) Zdeněk Nový – Body-psychotherapist

“The pursuit of a happy life is not selfish; it is a noble quest.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

“Self-realization means achieving happiness through individual development and growth.”

Erich Fromm

“The primary goal of therapy is not to teach the client how to avoid all unpleasant things, but to teach them how to accept and deal with them.

Carl Gustav Jung
Individualni terapie Praha - Zdenek Novy

Individual Psychotherapy

  • Support in challenging life situations

  • Cultivating a Positive Sense of Self-Worth

  • Addressing Depression, Anxiety, Stress, and Fear

  • Regaining Energy and Enthusiasm for Life

  • Fostering a Balanced and Healthy Perspective on Relationships and Career

  • Discovering (Inner) Balance

  • Assistance with Important Life Decisions

  • Integration of Psychedelic Experiences

  • Personal Development

Psychoterapie Praha - Zdeněk Nový Psychoterapeut

More Details on Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy, as I perceive it, is a journey toward a deeper understanding of oneself, leading us to a more harmonious and fulfilled life. I am here not only as a professional with expert knowledge, but primarily as a fellow human being. I offer not just therapeutic support, but also a sincere and heartfelt conversation about your life and your needs.

In therapy, we most commonly work in three areas.

  • Crisis Moments

    We search for resources and a helping hand to navigate through challenging times. This enables clients to more effectively overcome pain, fear, anxiety, depression, burnout, feelings of rejection, and loneliness.

  • Life’s Crossroads

    We explore the appropriate perspective to make wise decisions about your next steps, considering aspects such as relationships, work, family, and place of living.

  • Personal Development

    Through therapy, we facilitate a deeper self-awareness, leading to an improved quality of life and relationships. This is achieved by helping the clients recognize who they truly are and understand their genuine needs for a fulfilling life.

Parova terapie v Praze
Párová terapie - Praha Zdeněk Nový - párový terapeut

Couple Therapy

  • Support in Overcoming Obstacles

  • Restoring Trust

  • Enhancing Empathetic Listening

  • Mutual Respect and Reverence

  • Uniting Intimacy: Emotional and Physical

  • Awareness of Each Other’s Needs

  • A Shared Journey in Parenthood

  • Growing Personally Through Our Relationship

More Details on Couple Therapy

Being in a close relationship with another person brings with it a number of challenges. The longer people are in a relationship, the more challenging topics they usually touch on. Life together cannot go without hurt on one side or the other. Many of these hurts are resolved by the partners themselves or with the help of close friends or family. Sometimes, however, partners feel that they have reached a dead end and cannot move on. In couples therapy, we uncover this point together and sensitively so that the relationship can grow stronger through the crisis.

As a couple therapist, I will help you learn to manage heated conflicts and act with clarity and without blaming the other person. In couples therapy sessions, we will sensitively open up painful topics so that you can truly hear each other.

Couples therapy is an environment in which both partners can safely share their needs and learn to better understand each other.

  • Communication skills

    Together, we will learn how to effectively express your needs and feelings so that you understand each other better and conversations don’t lead to unproductive conflicts.

  • Restoring trust

    Every relationship faces challenges and wounds over time. Through the process of therapy, we can heal these wounds and begin to rebuild the trust that is crucial to the relationship.

  • Intimacy in Partnership

    If you sense a growing distance between you, in couples therapy, we can jointly investigate the reasons for this drift and work towards rediscovering the intimacy you both long to experience.

Body-psychoterapie Praha
body and mind harmony

Body psychotherapy

Body psychotherapy is a scientifically validated and accredited field of psychotherapy. It combines traditional psychotherapeutic techniques with a focus on the bodily experience of emotions, sensations, and perceptions. Body psychotherapy effectively targets the core of the issue and yields results through present-moment experience.

Further information about body psychotherapy

The body possesses a deep wisdom that is always present, but we need to relearn how to listen to it. In body psychotherapy, we rediscover the art of listening. Through the body, we gain a better understanding of what we (don’t) want and (don’t) need in any given moment, as well as where our boundaries lie. This helps us navigate everyday life more easily and reclaim our strength. Reconnecting with our body’s wisdom can be achieved through techniques such as breathwork and working with emotions. It allows us to cultivate authenticity and enhance our quality of life. Working with the body in therapy paves the way for healing experiences and accelerates the client’s self-awareness. I completed my training in body psychotherapy through the accredited Czech Association of Body-Oriented Psychotherapy.

  • Rediscovering life energy

    Our sense of vitality is closely tied to our bodily experiences. Body psychotherapy helps release deeply buried emotions that can diminish a person’s sense of lightness and expansiveness.

  • The body as a guide in life

    Establishing a deeper connection with our bodies is a path toward making more informed and discerning decisions in life. By tuning into the signals and sensations our bodies offer, we gain access to an inner wisdom that can guide us towards choices that align with our true selves and resonate with our authentic desires and values. This connection fosters a heightened awareness of our physical and emotional states, enabling us to approach decisions with a profound sense of mindfulness and clarity, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and balanced life.

  • Body-psychotherapy in trauma work

    Body psychotherapy is an effective approach for addressing psychological traumas. Especially early trauma is readily accessible through the body, making it more manageable using scientifically validated techniques such as biosynthesis, bioenergetics, and mindfulness-based practices.

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Zdeněk Nový - Vědomé Žití - Body-psychoterapeut

Zdeněk Nový


I work as a body psychotherapist in my private practice. I completed a 5-year psychotherapy training program that incorporates a focus on bodily experiences. About me.