Couples Therapy can help you find new ways to communicate and work on your relationship.

Being in a close relationship with another person brings with it a number of challenges. The longer people are in a relationship, the more challenging topics they usually touch on. Life together cannot go without hurt on one side or the other. Many of these hurts are resolved by the partners themselves or with the help of close friends or family. Sometimes, however, partners feel that they have reached a dead end and cannot move on. In couples therapy, we uncover this point together and sensitively so that the relationship can grow stronger through the crisis.

As a couple therapist, I will help you learn to manage heated conflicts and act with clarity and without blaming the other person. In couples therapy sessions, we will sensitively open up painful topics so that you can truly hear each other.

Couples therapy is an environment in which both partners can safely share their needs and learn to better understand each other. 

Unresolved conflicts can act like bricks that form a wall between partners, preventing them from connecting with each other. In couples therapy, we work with you to carefully and sensitively break down this wall and rebuild the connection between you. And you may find that this new connection can be different, deeper and more mutually respectful than before.

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  • Communication skills

    Together, we will learn how to effectively express your needs and feelings so that you understand each other better and conversations don’t lead to unproductive conflicts.

  • Restoring trust

    Every relationship faces challenges and wounds over time. Through the process of therapy, we can heal these wounds and begin to rebuild the trust that is crucial to the relationship.

  • Intimacy in Partnership

    If you feel that you are drifting apart, couples therapy can help you explore the reasons for this drifting apart and find ways to get back to the closeness you both long for.

I offer a safe environment, a supportive attitude, and reflection for dealing with your partner situation. A relationship needs openness and sharing to work. After the many disappointments that relationships can bring, this openness is often a challenge. However, it is possible to find a way to this openness and thereby give the relationship a new direction.

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During their time together, the partners have learned to deal with some difficult situations and know how to handle them. Sometimes, however, a third person’s perspective is needed to help guide the discussion and move things forward. Couples therapy is a space where each partner has room to be seen by the other.

The more open both partners are, the smoother and more effective the therapeutic process will be. In couples therapy, we work together to create a trusting environment where any topic or concern can be shared without fear. Together, we will learn communication techniques that will enable you to avoid stalled conversations and communicate effectively about even the most sensitive and uncomfortable issues.

“Relational problems can be bridges to deeper understanding and closeness, not obstacles.”

Harville Hendrix

“Love is a great teacher. It teaches us to be what we are and to be greater than we are.”

Rainer Maria Rilke

“Couples therapy isn’t about blaming, it’s about growing together.”

Important to be aware of

As a couples therapist, I approach your relationship with an open and unbiased perspective. My goal is to guide your discussions toward mutual understanding and resolution. I will help you identify obstacles that may be preventing you from being close and offer tools to overcome apathy or discord.

There are times in every relationship when we seem to hit a crossroads or even a dead end. These moments, while they can be painful, can also be turning points to new understanding and closeness. Couples therapy offers an environment where you and your partner can explore the deeper meanings of these moments and learn how to build bridges from them to a stronger and deeper connection. And in the process, you can also discover a deeper understanding of yourself.

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In couples therapy, we get to the heart of the problems, not just the surface manifestations. With a depth approach, we can discover and work through the real roots of your relationship challenges.

Couples therapy provides a peaceful place where you can explore and heal wounds together. This opens the door to deeper understanding and harmony in your relationship.

I appreciate the courage of all couples who have decided to embark on the journey of couples therapy. I understand that it’s a big decision. Your step shows a deep commitment to yourself and your relationship. Even though you may feel tired and hurt right now, your commitment to finding solutions speaks to your strength and love.

Zdeněk Nový

Couples Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

How often should we go to couples therapy?

Most couples start with couples therapy for the first 5 or so sessions at a frequency of once a week. Once progress begins to be made, you can move on to less frequent sessions.

What is the first session in couples therapy like?

During our first meeting I will introduce you to my way of working. I will listen carefully to your story and the issue you bring to couples therapy. We will look together to see if this is an issue I can help you with. At the same time, we will feel if we are a “good fit” and if you can benefit from my support on your journey. If so, we will set up a series of follow-up meetings, after which we will again see if the meetings are beneficial to you.

It is possible to treat your current condition at the first session if the situation requires it.

When do we need to consider couples therapy?

Couples therapy, sometimes referred to as relationship therapy or marriage counseling, is a tool that can help couples resolve issues, deepen their relationship, and improve mutual understanding. If you’re wondering when is the right time for couples therapy, here are some situations and signs that may indicate it would be helpful to consider professional help:

  • Communication issues

    If you find that your conversations with your partner often end in arguments or misunderstandings, or if you feel that your relationship is silent and that you are avoiding important topics, therapy can help you find new ways to communicate effectively.

  • Distrust and betrayal

    Issues such as infidelity, lying, or hurtful secrets can cause deep emotional wounds. Couples therapy can provide a safe space to explore these issues and find ways to heal.

  • Sexual disagreements

    If you and your partner have different sexual needs or expectations, couples therapy can help you open up channels of communication and find a common ground in which you feel comfortable.

  • Different life goals

    If you find that your vision of the future or your values are different from your partner’s, it is important to discuss these differences and find an attitude with which you are comfortable.

  • Repetitive conflicts

    If you seem to be going through the same arguments over and over again without finding a solution, couples therapy can provide insight and tools to resolve these conflicts.

  • Big changes in life

    Events such as the birth of a child, the loss of a job, a move or a death in the family can cause stress and tension in the relationship. Couples therapy can help couples navigate these changes together.

  • Feeling distant

    If you feel that you have become emotionally distant from your partner, couple therapy can help restore a sense of closeness and connection.

  • Personal development

    A relationship is a powerful stimulus for personal growth. In relationships, we often touch on our deepest individual wounds and issues. In couples therapy, we can use what’s happening in the relationship for individual growth.

How long does couples therapy last?

The length of couples therapy can vary depending on the specific needs and goals of each couple. Some couples may experience improvement after a few sessions, while others may need a longer period of time. I work in an in-depth way that guides the couple to the root of the problem, rather than just removing the symptoms. I focus on the unconscious motives and patterns that may be influencing the relationship.

What is the goal of couples therapy?

The goal of couples therapy is to help couples achieve better understanding, communication and intimacy in their relationship. There are several key aspects to this:

  • Improvement of communication

    Couples therapy often focuses on building effective communication skills so that partners can express their needs, feelings, and concerns to each other without fear of judgment or criticism.

  • Deepening of understanding

    In couples therapy, couples learn to recognize and understand the deeper patterns and dynamics of their relationship. This may include recognizing unconscious motives that lead to certain behaviors, or recognizing patterns formed in childhood that influence relationships in adulthood.

  • Resolving conflicts

    A couples therapist helps couples develop strategies and tools to resolve conflict. Instead of avoiding conflict or allowing it to escalate, couples learn how to deal with it in a constructive and healthy way.

  • Restoring trust

    In cases of betrayal or mistrust, one of the main goals of therapy may be to rebuild trust. This may include working on forgiveness, understanding the reasons for the betrayal, and making new commitments.

  • Enhancing intimacy

    Supportive therapy can help couples rediscover and deepen their emotional and physical intimacy, learning new ways of being in touch with each other and sharing their lives.

  • Preparation for future challenges

    Couples therapy can also serve as a tool to prepare for future life changes, whether it is the arrival of a child, retirement, or any other life stage.

  • Personal development

    A relationship is a powerful stimulus for personal development. In relationships we often touch on our deepest individual wounds and themes. In couples therapy, we can use what’s going on in the relationship for individual growth.

Are couples therapy sessions confidential?

Yes, couples therapy is based on the principle of confidentiality. Couples therapists are ethically bound to protect the privacy of clients and not to disclose information about treatment without their consent. Safety is one of the key elements in couples therapy.

How long does a couple’s therapy session last?

The usual length of a couples therapy session is 1 hour and 30 minutes. The couples therapist is responsible for keeping the end time of the session. Sometimes it is possible to agree on a minimum length for an open-ended session. This means that the end time of the session is controlled by the ongoing process.

Is it normal to have emotional or physical reactions after couples therapy?

Yes, there can be emotional and physical manifestations in couples therapy, which is the body’s natural response to the healing process. There are both relieving and challenging experiences in and after therapy. They are all part of the healing process.

Is there anything specific we need to do or have before starting couples therapy?

Before therapy begins, it is good to be open to the process, to agree that you both want to go through the process of couples therapy. Your active participation is crucial to the success of couples therapy.

Can we go to therapy even if we’re not married?

Of course, therapy is open to all couples, whether they are married, engaged, long-term partners or in a new relationship.

Is it possible to engage in individual therapy and couples therapy at the same time?

Yes, sometimes it can be helpful for individuals to combine individual and couples therapy to focus on personal issues as well as relationship issues.

If we are both convinced that we are going to divorce, is there any point in going to therapy?

Couples therapy can also be useful when couples decide to divorce, as it can help to better understand the reasons for the separation and make the process more harmonious. Alternatively, there may be a reevaluation of the position based on a deeper understanding.

What is the procedure if we want to end couples therapy?

If you decide to end couples therapy, it is a good idea to discuss this with the couples therapist so that progress can be properly evaluated and a plan for the future can be established.

What if I don’t feel comfortable during therapy?

It’s important to talk about how you feel. If you feel uncomfortable, you should tell me so we can adjust our approach and make you feel better. Also, uncomfortable feelings from your life history may come up in couples therapy. It is these feelings that we will work through together so that they do not continue to complicate your (partner’s) life.

Can we see more than one couple therapist at a time?

Sometimes you may feel that couples therapy is not progressing in the direction or as quickly as you would like and get the impression that more therapists could speed up the process. However, it is beneficial to focus on working with one therapist so that trust and continuity can be established and the process can be appropriately deeply healing.

Do we need to talk about our sexual history?

Only if it is relevant to the issues that brought you to couples therapy.

What if we don’t think our problems are “serious enough” for couples therapy?

Even seemingly “minor” problems can lead to major strife in the future. It is better to solve problems before they become more serious.

What is the difference between couples therapy and family therapy?

Couples therapy focuses primarily on the relationship between two partners, while family therapy involves the broader family system and dynamics.

What if my partner doesn’t want to go to couples therapy?

Many people have concerns about couples therapy. It is helpful to discuss with your partner the reasons why couples therapy might be beneficial and to begin individual sessions if necessary. However, an active approach by both partners is important for progress in couples therapy.

Is it possible to do couples therapy online?

Yes, nowadays it is possible to conduct couples therapy online using video conferencing tools, which can be beneficial for clients who cannot physically make it to a session.

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