Common topics in psychotherapy

Each client’s story in psychotherapy is unique. But there are common elements in everyone’s soul.

Burnout Syndrome

Are you suffering from long-term exhaustion? Do you have a constant feeling of inadequacy? Do you feel worn out? Do you have anxiety and chaos in your life? Do you often experience disappointment in life?

Low self-esteem and burnout syndrome are closely related. A person with low self-esteem is pushing himself beyond his limits. Eventually, under the weight of the load, (s)he begins to fall to his knees and circumstances grind him down so that (s)he does not distinguish between what is needed and what is not, and almost unconsciously fulfills what just comes.


Relationship crisis

Do you feel alone in your relationship? Do you lack mutual understanding? Are you unable to find common ground? Do you feel stifled in your relationship? Are you unable to define yourself in relation to your partner? Are you coming up with valid arguments too late in the discussion? Do you feel that you are living side by side but not together? Are you not sharing in the relationship and your sex life is diminishing?

Life’s turning point

Facing a decision and not sure what to do? Looking for direction in your life? Need to change jobs but don’t know what you want to do? Not sure if you should stay in a relationship or leave? Do you need to decide whether to move, start a business, invest or start your own project? Coming out?

Období krize

Difficult life situation

Are you facing a difficult life situation such as the loss of a loved one, separation from a partner, loss of a job, project failure, etc.? Do you feel hopeless and unable to move on? Do you need a safe place to deal with the crisis? Do you have trouble sleeping or concentrating? Are you plagued by thoughts day and night?

We respect the client’s individual needs in therapy and seek inner harmony with oneself and the world. The therapy process teach the client how to manage the emotions, needs, and resources.

Building self-confidence

Do you find it difficult to express yourself? Do you get lost in verbal conflicts? Do the results of your actions not seem good enough? Do you feel criticized too often? Do you often feel “incompetent” compared to the people around you? Do you endlessly pick at your mistakes? Can’t find the courage to approach a person who interests you?

Jak budovat sebedůvěru


Do you often feel frustration and despair? Do you have an overwhelming sense of your own worthlessness? Are you unable to concentrate? Do you feel the hopelessness of your current situation? Do you often feel guilty? Do you experience periods of complete paralysis where you find it difficult to get out of bed? Do you spend most of your time in passive entertainment like watching TV or endlessly staring at social media? Nothing amuses you?

Uncertainty in parenting

Do you still deal with the same conflicts with your children? Do your offspring often get you in an emotional state? Do you not know how to communicate with them? Do you often argue about daily routines such as brushing your teeth? Do you struggle to set boundaries – too little or too much? Does your child seem excessively sad to you? Is (s)he or she having too much trouble at school? Doesn’t want to talk to you?


Self expression

Do you often find yourself in situations where you can’t stand up for yourself? Do you say “yes” to people when your heart says “no”? Do you feel abused by those around you? Do you find it too difficult to express your needs in a collective? Do you dismiss your ideas before you give them a chance? Do you feel you are not doing the right thing by expressing what you want?

Therapy gives you the tools to live a more harmonious life. Therapy is a safe space to explore and recharge for life’s next steps.

New life role

Do you feel that you are not enough of a man or woman? Do you feel that your neighborhood or family needs one or the other of you? Are you confused about your role as father or mother? Do you feel that you are only a mother or father to your children, that you have no life of your own? Are you unable to find your way to a partner after the birth of your child? Are you unable to find your role as a man/woman in today’s world?

Feeling of rejection

Do you often feel rejected by those around you or those closest to you? Do you feel inadequately accepted? Do you prefer to isolate yourself? Do you have difficulty forming relationships? Do you feel a great distance between you and other people? Do you not know how to deal with the fact that no one “can” like you? Do you chase away feelings of rejection with a barrage of indulgences, such as overeating, shopping for useless things, or working too much?

Feeling of emptiness

Do you feel unfulfilled in your work or relationships? Do you feel like you give too much and get nothing in return? Do you fear abandonment and powerlessness? Do you give too much to the world? Are you always waiting for “something”, but it never comes? Do you feel the need to seek out emotionally charged experiences to make your sense of emptiness disappear? Do you feel nothing in situations where you expected to feel something? Do you long for a relationship even though it does not satisfy you?

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